Our Mission Statement: To exceed customer expectations through the use of high-quality coating systems, that will provide the customer with the long-lasting finishes, Paint All Stars team of professionals strive for quality, done in a timely and professional manner.

It includes a breakdown of time required, paint and labor estimate, and a list of things that you can do before we arrive to ensure that things can go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Yes – we can set up a color consultation and work with samples to help you choose the right color. We will also cover what’s the right finish for each room.  For example, the higher the sheen, the easier the paint is to clean. As well, it is traditional to use a higher sheen on trim and doors. Rooms with moisture such as the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen require an eggshell finish, while basic walls without too much traffic are fine for a matte finish. Paint All Stars will recommend the best finish to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Paint All Stars offers complete painting services. Before we paint anything we prep it – sand, prim, repair. If your walls are badly damaged, we will first make the necessary repairs to sheetrock, plaster, and wood. However, if the damage is caused by a more serious issue such as water or structural damage, we will work with you to resolve.

Every house is different, so the best way to get a free no obligation quote. We can assess your home, listen to your needs, and determine what type of paint and materials are required to complete the job to meet your specific needs & budget. Call Paint All Stars for a free estimate today.

A good paint job can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Stucco lasts a little bit longer, while wood expands and contracts, creating faster wear and tear on the paint surface.

Our basic advice is that in any room with moisture or heat activity at least an eggshell sheen should be used – the kitchen, bathrooms, and the laundry room are good examples.  Sheen choices in all other rooms are subjective and a matter of personal preference on the part of the homeowner

There are a number of brands and grades on the market. We have found good success with the Sherwin Williams,

There are a few basic rules:

  1. Take into account the existing elements in the room that already have a color – furniture, a wood ceiling, brick fireplace etc.
  2. The size of the room – darker colors tend to make a room look smaller
  3. The amount of light in a room – a lighter or brighter color can amplify the amount of light
  4. What the room will be used for – child’s room, office, bedroom

If you get stuck and just can’t decide, our service includes a consultation with a professional Color Consultant. We will also apply paint in a small 2’x 2’brush out on the wall and on trim.

Yes – We have all licenses and insurance require for our area. 

Paint All Stars does offer financing on any project over $2,500

If you have more questions or would like to set up a color consultation – contact us directly – or fill out the form and we will contact you.

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